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We have a Copic Refill Station. Be sure to call to see if we have the refill color available before you come by the store. 513-891-CRFT
The price of a 25cc Various Ink Refill is now $8.99. The price of a new Sketch marker is $7.99 & a new Ciao marker is $5.49. Now there's no need for you to purchase a new marker because the old one is dry. You can refill your Copic markers (Sketch or Ciao) at Stamping Buddies for $1.50 each. If you would like us to refill your markers, you can drop them off at the store to be refilled for $2.50 each. This price does not include an ink booster. If you use a booster to refill your Copics you will need to purchase one.
The first colors we'll have in stock are:
100 Black
110 Special Black
C1 Cool Gray
C3 Cool Gray
C5 Cool Gray
C7 Cool Gray
C9 Cool Gray
W1 Warm Gray
W3 Warm Gray
W5 Warm Gray
W7 Warm Gray
W9 Warm Gray
B01 Mint Blue
B05 Process Blue
B06 Peacock Blue
B14 Light Blue
B23 Phthalo Blue
B26 Cobalt Blue
B29 Ultramarine
B32 Pale Blue
B34 Manganese Blue
B37 Antwerp Blue
B39 Prussian Blue
BG09 Blue Green
BG10 Cool Shadow
BG15 Aqua
BG18 Teal Blue
BV08 Blue Violet
E09 Burnt Sienna
E15 Dark Suntan
E29 Burnt Umber
E33 Sand
E37 Sepia
E44 Clay
E49 Dark Bark
G07 Nile Green
G16 Malachite
G17 Forest Green
G21 Lime Green
G28 Ocean Green
G99 Olive
R02 Flesh
R08 Vermilion
R27 Cadmium Red
R32 Peach
R37 Carmine
RV04 Shock Pink
RV09 Fuchsia
RV11 Pink
RV19 Red Violet
RV29 Crimson
V04 Lilac
V06 Lavender
V09 Violet
Y02 Canary Yellow
Y06 Yellow
Y11 Pale Yellow
Y13 Lemon Yellow
Y15 Cadmium Yellow
Y21 Buttercup Yellow
Y26 Mustard
YG03 Yellow green
YG13 Chartreuse
YG91 Putty
YG95 Pale Olive
YR00 Powder Pink
YR04 Chrome Orange
YR07 Cadmium Orange
YR09 Chinese Orange
YR14 Caramel
YR23 Yellow Ochre
YR24 Pale Sepia
If there are any colors that you use & they are not listed here, please let me know so I will know which ones to get when I order the next batch of refills.


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